Mean Green and Fun!!! #INSIDEUNTDENTON

Hi! I’m Paulina, but call me Paula.  I’m from a small town in Poland called Ostrów Mazowiecka, 1 hour away from Warsaw (if I don’t specify I will be asked 1,000 times like many foreigners :)) It’s been a long journey for me to move to the States and start a new life. I am a  senior and Public Relations major in the University of North Texas and I am very excited to graduate this May!

I’m very positive and light hearted and I’m very excited to be covering the entertainment  events here at UNT and discuss Public Relations  issues and tips.  Many students are stressed and overwhelmed by such a large campus and I know how intimidating this can be, coming from another country and speaking very little English.  My goal is to bring groups of people together to meet and hangout while undertaking a stressful but important transition in their lives!


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