Why PR is Better Than Advertising – Super Bowl Edition

Credit: http://www.superbowl2016-commercials.com/super-bowl-2016-commercials/

The Super Bowl is the most important and busy time for advertisers. According to the article This is how much a 2016 Super Bowl ad costs a 30 -second Super Bowl ad sells for as much as $5 million, and that is a 11% of price increase since the last year.

However, the companies, which don’t have that money to splurge on advertising, are not yet lost! You can always invest in the other forms of publicity especially the public relations and marketing.

According to Jason Mudd and his article How to use PR to outsmart Super Bowl ads, PR is consider to have more value in proactive aspect, and it’s much more valuable than advertising. When people are seeing an ad, they are aware of the fact that the company is paying huge money for them to see it, and they are aware of companies goals that are tiring to target them to make money. (Especially when they have invested so much!)

According to Mudd, PR confirms credibility and public tend to react different to the message from trusted sources than paid advertisements. Advertising is always considered as a self-promotional, which most of the consumers has a negative experience with.

Credit: http://www.activepr.biz/blog/page/3/?tag=pr-bunny%2F

On the other hand PR focuses on telling story, which brings the audience together, by improving on customers experience without aggressive push of new products. PR engages with their public, and grows long-term relationships between audience and the brand.

The biggest difference between adverting and public relations is that adverting is the paid media while public relations is earned media.

According to Forbes The Real Difference Between PR And Advertising, which talks about the Nielsen study in 2014 and the role of content in the consumer decision-making process, concludes that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising.

”With advertising, you tell people how great you are.  With publicity, others sing your praises.”

The other findings stated that word of mouth and friends recommendations are more effective than any kind of advertising.

Therefore, PR is a great way to go when your business doesn’t have those big bucks for advertisements. Great PR campaign can be more effective and it will have a better future impact on your company. PR overcomes major expense and delivers actual profits and dollars at the bottom line.


By Paulina Pytlak




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