5 Tips On How to Be Ethical to Your Audience and Clients


Strategic communicators and PR specialist have ethical obligations towards both their audience and their clients. Sometimes the values and morals clash and one person can find something is offending to them and another person is not bother by the same fact.


  1. Make Educated Decisions

Always keep in mind that following ethical conducts and behaviors will serve best to both your audience and your clients. Your business will do better financially when you will follow ethical and truthful behaviors. By following the ethical rules you will always have more credibility with public and your business will stay away from government regulations.


  1. Respect Others

The most important rule is that you should always treat others as you wish to be treated. Keep in mind that everybody is responsible for his or her own moral decisions and you should be trusting in others best moral decisions to be made. If you feel like the decisions are not ethical, you should refer to the organization conduct of ethics and discuss the topic further. Focus on promoting the world that you like to be living in by engaging in mutual pursuit of good.


  1. Be Responsible for Society

We are all living in a large society, where we have to show respect to our community and environment by making ethical decisions. If you are making uninformative and harmful decisions you will be hurting not only everyone in the society, but also hurting yourself. Focus on the common responsibility and not harming environment you live in.


  1. Refer to Code of Ethics

Every organization should have its assigned code of ethics that each member is familiar with and follows. Refer to it when you are not sure how to handle hard ethical decisions or possible dilemmas. There is a PRSA Code of Ethics always available for your reference.


  1. Remember of Professional Values

Sometimes ethical decisions may be hard to make. Therefore, there are few professional values that are helpful when thinking about making right and ethical decision. According to PRSA those values are:

Advocacy, Honesty, Expertise, Independence, Loyalty, Fairness. More about values and code of ethics can be found here.


By Paulina Pytlak



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