PR Language That Has Been Overused

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Every profession has its own jargon that is wildly known and used by people within a certain occupation. Strategic communicators also have their own terminology that they use, and in many cases, they may overuse it.

PR News Online in the article about 25 Most Overused Words and Phrases in Press Releases gives a great overview of words that are used extensively by PR professionals when writing press releases. Every institution has its own unique press releases format that they are persistent with. However, it’s important to edit your writing to the point that is more unique and outstanding, before sending to media outlets. We usually send our releases to reporters that we have great relationships with, but you don’t want them to think that everything you write has the same vibe and vocabulary to begin with. According PR News Online, some of the most used words in press releases are:

Announced, Authentic, Best of breed, Cross platform, Cutting edge, Exciting, Improved, Innovative, Proactive, Revolutionary, Solution, and more.

 PR News Online recommends sticking to the newsworthy facts instead of focusing on the hype that those words add on. Holly Arthur, assistant VP, media and public relations at the Association of American Railroads, said that PR many times overused these words because “they are so effective in quickly setting the tone or context for the information being conveyed in a release.”

The 8 Most Overused Words in PR and Marketing article has similar theory, when it comes to overdoing and repeating extensively words that will just clutter the message.

They said, “Think twice before using these eight “fluff” words in your next PR pitch or marketing copy.” According to Vertical Response Blog eight words that are extensively overused are:

 Groundbreaking, Revolutionary, Advanced, Best, Unique, Exclusive, Pioneering, Bleeding edge

The best advice is to be aware of your tendencies, also when you are writing. I hope that knowing these words will help you double check your copy for words that are just a fluff. This way your writing will become more fresh and efficient.

PR News Online article, 10 Words to Avoid in Your Press Releases is another great resource that will help you to avoid making mistakes when writing press releases.


By Paulina Pytlak



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