Best Practices to Understand Your Client




As a strategic communicator, you are thought to convey clear messages to the public that are needed to understanding the bigger issues behind them. Although, before you start doing that you need to understand your client. The best PR practice to understand your client’s wants and needs is to learn about their business as much as you can, and build relationships based on common trust and understanding when moving forward.

Here are few steps that will help you to establish better relationships with your clients, understand them better and being able to offer your best judgment and advice to them.

Fist step to better understand needs of your client is to visit them at their office, facility or working space. This way, you will become more aware of their perspective and understand their business needs. For example, if you are working for a water district or animal shelter, you need to tour the facility for being able to communicate effectively to public of what does it take to be one of the animal shelter worker, or what does a water value is. This is one of the first steps you should take before planning a further communication because it gives you an overview and understanding of things that you were maybe not familiar with before that visit.

Second step is to actively listen to your client and what they want to accomplish with your help. According the an article 6 Super Easy Tips To Help You Understand Your Clients, there are few ways that we can do to become even better active listener:

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand.
  • Try to picture what the prospect is saying.
  • Listen for all opportunities, not just the ones that allow you to pitch your product.

Following these rules would help you in better understanding their business, practices and also will establish better relation for further partnership.

PR Daily in 4 ways PR agencies can better match with clients discuss issues that may be part of the solution how to better understand your clients and their needs. In the essence PR Daily said that is better to know your clients schedules and basis they work and adjust to that instead of trying to work on your particular schedule. It’s important to pay more attention to client’s communication patterns and work according to them. The key is to keep in mind that “PR client management is important, but understanding both sides of the coin is essential for success.”

More about the new technology called Bullhorn that is a tool for helping to monitor business relationships for the future success.

By Paulina Pytlak



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