Is There Ethical Diversity Issue in Advertising and PR?

Advertising and PR in United States is lacking diversity in its occupation, even though, the U.S. is one of the most diverse countries. The Marcus Graham Project used the infrographic to help projected the lack of the diversity in this career field.

In the article How to fix the ad industry’s diversity problem, said that in 2010 was a turning point when advertisers and marketers after census research found out and paid more attention to lack of diversity issue. They started to concern about it and thinking of it as an ethical issue. The article brings a good question: “How could these consumers be reached by an industry so remarkably white and male?” At the same time, there is a discussion that its been going on. We should be looking for a solution that will help to increase the diversity in media, adverting and pr.

The article goes on more in detail about that “According to a report issued in August 2011 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of the 959,000 marketing and sales managers in the U.S., 5.9 percent were African-American, 5.1 percent were Hispanic, and 5 percent were Asian.”This is considered to be a main ethical dilemma for many.

For consequentialist, who argues that the morality of an action is depending on the action’s outcome, the lack of diversity would mean that the advertising and PR sectors do not have an equal representation and that makes them worst in planning future campaigns and more. One group is not able to predict the way of thinking and reaching minorities to meet up their standards.

However, for non-consequentialist, who thinks about the rightness or wrongness of an act, system of rules, the diversity would not be a biggest problem. It’s because there is no special rules or laws that stated that it has to be a minority, or for example, Latin group to be able to plan advertising campaign for Latin people.

According to Advertising Age article from few years ago discussed the diversity issue in a workplace. There is an outgoing discussion about hiring more diverse individuals. In the article Rob Norman, CEO of WPP’s Group M North America, said, “Not only do you have to recruit people that are diverse, you have to create environments under which those people are comfortable working in.” By saying that Norman understands that hiring more diverse candidates won’t solve the problem of lacking. The point is to be able to encourage them to try and make the environment friendly enough for adoption to the position.


By Paulina Pytlak



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