Things You Should Know Before You Graduate With PR Degree


Are you about to graduate from strategic communications degree or public relations and you need to start looking for a ‘real’ job? Don’t panic just yet, but keep a closer attention to things you need to do before going to that interview, and things that you need to check off your skill list. Continue on reading and better your chances on landing the dream job!

According to the article 6 things young PR pros should know to land a job, you should first start on educating genuinely on what does the PR job entails. The article said, “For instance, working in PR is as much about listening as it is talking and communicating to the client’s audience—and that audience isn’t just the media (not everyone pays attention to the news).” Meaning that writing the press releases and going to events will be part of your job, but most important part is to never forger that you ultimate goal is to communicate. You are working for a client to help them figure the right message and the best way of communicates it with audience. The everyday tasks are not always as glamorous as they may seem in pop culture, or famous PR shows as Scandal or Veep.

Next step before graduation: perfect your pitch. Meaning that you want to have a little story to tell about yourself the certain agency or business should hire you, and why you are the best for that position. Also, it’s very important to spend some time working on your resume, portfolio and writing an excellent cover letter. For more tips about that check out A brief guide to writing exceptional cover letters.

You should start thinking ahead about where do you see yourself, exactly on what is the place you would like to work for. Don’t feel like you have to apply for every job at the market, but have an open eye on places that interest you and fit your personality. Some people may say that the best are corporate jobs, and others will say that they prefer to work for agency or nonprofit organization. See what you like, explore these options by taking advantage of internships available. Always try to stay true to yourself and network with the right people! Check your LinkedIn connections and see if you can connect with people working in a company you are interested in, or if not, then try to join same LinkedIn groups as them and try to get connected that way. Follow the business on their social media platforms, engage with them and start the conversation. Always do your research first, and you will never regret it!

Josh Cline, in What College Grads Should Do to Get PR Jobs, gives a few great tips to keep in mind when trying to get the first PR job. According to article, one of the most important things that future employer will pay attention is your past internships and job experience. If you didn’t get a chance to have an extensive experience after your internship, it’s not end of the world. Cline said that it’s good to take an initiative sometimes and make an offer to your employer to work for free, and this way get to prove of your knowledge and expertise! I know it may not be the ideal thing for you because you may feel that you are ready to work and make money after all this time you spent in college jobs. However, it may be a game changer because you will be working for your favorite place and if they like you, you will be the first one to get hired!

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 By Paulina Pytlak



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