PR Tips on How To Build Your Audience

In PR building your audience is one of the most important aspects. The community you want to work with is built on long lasting relationship and common trust. The community can grow with time and will become more supportive as your relationship progress. Read on to learn few tips on where to look for the right audience and how to make your connections to last.


Finding Audience


Research and evaluate and try to find the right audience for your content. Find someone who will be passionate about something you want to promote, who will be interested in listening to your advice and opinion. Look for your audience in right places, whether it’s a social media platform or blog forum. Think whom you want to reach and start a conversation with the right people.

According   to the article 7 Tips for Building a Social Media Audience, some of the most successful social strategies have behind retailing audience on social media platforms. However, it’s up to you what platform you will decide to use, but remember to chose wisely.

Not every business needs to be present on every social media platform, therefore, chose wisely and make sure that you are presenting the right content, at the right time and right place.

The article quotes: “I think the best advice for businesses that are trying to take things online and create a presence is first to watch — instead of jumping in — and look at pages that you like and make active observations about what’s going on,” says Doug Quint, owner of Big Gay Ice Cream. ”


Organic audience


Organic audience is hot world. What does it mean organic audience? The term refers to those who are driven towards your website or blog through unpaid distributions. For example, those who come to your website through engine search results and their traffic is considered to be organic. But, how to increase the organic traffic and people who will come to your website or publications and want to stay there for longer?

According to the article, How PR Can Help Build An Organic Audience, the best way to attract organic traffic is to provide high- quality content across all your channels that will target your desire audience. “In general, communication teams collaborate with influencers, including journalists and bloggers, who can increase the value of their content by amplifying reach. As well-known and respected voices in your niche, these influencers add both quality and authority to your brand.”

Another way that will help to drive your organic audience is to create a strong marketing plan, with elements that will be relevant to your target audience. You can use images, inforgaphics, video, and presentations, anything that resonates with your public. The key also is to understand your audience and look into analytics and data about the demographics to thoughtfully prepare the plan.

Using a content plan or calendar will help you to stay on track and stick to the creation schedule. This way your audience will know what to expect and they will be waiting for your newest post. “This continuous flow of insightful content will ensure your Web properties attract a steady organic audience, too.”


Early Start


Make sure you have a strategy and act early on it! You should build trust with your audience before you will try to market to them or recommend products or services. Therefore, the earlier you start the better. The PR Daily article, How to build an audience long before you have a product, gives few tips on how to build your online customer base before you will have the product.




Connecting with others is a key to success. Also, when you can make face-to-face connection, those become more valuable in a long run. Tip from PR Daily: “If you want to introduce yourself to industry leaders that live outside of your city, try to set up an interview over the phone, then put some of the Q&A on your blog. You can also put together a compilation of expert opinions.”


Develop Email List


Send out a newsletter, and share with others what have you been doing lately. “Establishing an email list goes beyond setting up a landing page for your future product, or including a sign-up form page to draw people in.”




Starting a blog is always great idea and new opportunity for building your audience. It also gives you a chance to offer your own perspective on industry and share your options with others. Make sure you will keep in mind your audience because you want them to read it, so make it interesting and tailor towards your readers.


By Paulina Pytalk




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