Coolest PR Agencies in New York


My dream is to work and live in New York City one day, so I decided to take a closer look in to few of the great PR agencies. Information for this blog post is obtained online because I never had a chance to visit any of these places. I hope you will enjoy learning about three coolest PR agencies to work for in New York City.

Big Picture PR

“Storytelling is at the heart of our approach. It’s how we connect; how we empathize; how we bond. And in a vast world of plugged-in people looking to engage, it’s how great brands become visible.”

Big Picture PR is a PR and social media agency for consumer lifestyle brands. Their clients are starting up brands that are mostly focused around fashion, accessories, beauty, active lifestyle and technology. They actively work with influential media, bloggers and personalities/ celebrities, which help them build the credibility and product endorsement. This hybrid agency creates campaigns digitally and in print.

Clients: GQ Magazine, Guess, Lucky Magazine, Old Navy/Gap, Ted Baker


Purple PR

“Purple offers a wealth of experience and expertise across a broad range of sectors which is used to great effect to leverage clients’ communications. We have an unrivalled network of influencers worldwide, which along with our unique and individual skill set enables us to achieve global success with each Public Relations campaign.”

Purple PR is an international Public Relations Agency, which provides services to both leading global brands and less known, but talent brands within the fashion, music, beauty, lifestyle and luxury goods industries.

Purple connects traditional PR with branding and marketing and help their clients with: cover press relations, print and online editorial procurement, product placement, high profile event management and branding & marketing.

Clients: DKNY, Chiara Ferragni, Adele, Usher, butter LONDON, Laura Mercier



“Our company encourages an entrepreneurial culture, with an emphasis on teamwork and the greater good. We provide a work environment conducive to boosting an individual’s ability to learn, grow and be his or her best. We also strive to give back to the community and enhance our employees’ lives in a variety of areas.”

5 W is an award- winning PR Agency. Besides the PR work they offer, 5W emphasizes their culture at the work place. They reach out to community and volunteer, they offer their employees health benefits, on side barber services and manicures, also hosting breakfast and summer activates. Moreover, 5W encourages continuing education, which helps to growth within the agency.

Clients: Walgreens, L’Oreal, Guitar Center, CheapOAir


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By Paulina Pytlak


JetBlue (2007) Scandal Evaluation

Nine JetBlue flights at JFK airport were delayed for up to 11 hours because of serious inclement weather in 2007. Flights get to be delayed very often, so it would not be a big deal, but JetBule decided to keep its nearly 1,000 passengers trapped in the runway-bound planes for the entire time.

Passengers claim was that they were not informed, but according to the CBS News they were horrified. The article quotes one of the passengers:

“It was the worst. It was horrific,” Cheryl Chesner said.

Then, JetBlue Airways Corp. spokesman Bryan Baldwin explained to the media and talked about misfortunate decisions.


Benoit’s Image Restoration Strategy


First step in Image Restoration is simple denial or shift the blame to someone else. JetBlue took a step back and tried to shift the blame on weather conditions, not taking the full responsibility right away.
According to the CBS News article JetBlue CEO David Neeleman told CNBC television: “It’s going to certainly impact us, and it’s going to be many millions of dollars that we’re going to lose from this. I don’t blame our customers for being upset with this,” he added.

Also, in the first contact with press spokesman Bryan Baldwin was the first one that communicated with media and told them that: “We ended up with a gridlock situation where we couldn’t move any of the aircraft at the gates.”

Second stage is to evade responsibility. JetBlue initial response was based on defeasibility, which means that they did not know any better, as well as, weather condition accident that they had “no control” over.   The JetBlue scandal in 2007, was treated as the case of accident that was the initial blame.

“It didn’t work as well as we planned,” Baldwin said. “It’s going to take longer than we anticipated to do that.”

“The airline said 10 incoming and outbound flights at John F. Kennedy International Airport were “significantly delayed” with customers on board during Wednesday’s storm. Reasons included congestion, frozen equipment and an effort to keep planes ready to go in case the weather broke, Baldwid for CBS News.

Third step in Image Restoration Strategy for JetBlue scandal was to reduce offensiveness by compensation the costs of the airfare.

JetBlue tried to calm a maelstrom of criticism after passengers were left the New York airports, which they were hold on for last 11 hours. Therefore, the company offered passengers full refund on their airfare and promise that they are looking into not making the same mistake in the future:

“JetBlue will review the day’s events to determine whether it could have handled the storm differently and how to prevent similar problems from arising again, Baldwin said.”

Fourth step is to take an action in crisis. The action that JetBlue took was acknowledgment of their actions and taking blame for their actions and agreeing that they could have make better informed decisions next time.

They promised to look into to situation to prevent it from happening next time.

Lastly, the final step is to apologize. The apology letter from Founder and CEO JetBlue Airways David Neeleman was directed to its frequent fliers.

“Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that we caused. This is especially saddening because JetBlue was founded on the promise of bringing humanity back to air travel and making the experience of flying happier and easier for everyone who chooses to fly with us.”

Letter explained that they agree and admit the mistake and want to make sure the situation won’t happen again.

“You deserved better — a lot better — from us last week. Nothing is more important than regaining your trust and all of us here hope you will give us the opportunity to welcome you onboard again soon and provide you the positive JetBlue Experience you have come to expect from us.”

David Neeleman also created personal video response, where he explained the situation and apologize to its consumers.

In summary, I think that JetBlue successfully defend their image. The CEO’s apologies were sincere and I think the video apologies were personal and more effective. The argument was that they were acting unethically holding their passengers in the plane for over 11 hours; however, they agreed that they made a mistake.

According to consequentialism, JetBlue knew that they should have acted differently and they try to fix their image and apologize to its consumers.




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How To Stay Trusted PR Professional

In PR you are your own brand and to stay relevant and respected you need to be trusted and responsible. Remember to keep it on top of you mind and never take an authenticity for granted. Public Relations professionals who forgot about the truthfulness had failed and many of them were never able to get back their reputation. How to stay on top of your job? Read on and find out!

According to the article 7 Big Changes in the PR Landscape Every Business Should Know About, there are seven aspect that are necessary to follow.

Firstly, the article talks about data and that each work decision or commitment we make should be supported with research and statistics behind it.

The article said: “PR pros now have to guide clients on gathering the right data from the plethora of metrics they possess and, more importantly, expertly use that data to craft a compelling narrative,” said Kevin McLaughlin of Resound Marketing.

Therefore, most effective campaigns and products we produce are supported by research and either qualitative or quantitative data.

Second, it’s time to become the best pitcher. Pitching transformed over the time and it takes a talent and lot of practice to be a good pitcher!

According to the article, Heather Meeker, founder of MeekerQuinn said: “Pitching has to be thought through carefully and backed by research. It’s all about how you tell a client’s story in the context of that moment.”

Remember that is not enough to send a mass email to all your contacts. We know you can do better than that! So, personalize your pitch and work on your media relations’ skills.

Thirdly, look in to numbers and analytics. There are many programs and apps available that will help you to figure out what is that your audience wants. The analysis is a key when it comes to crafting the right strategy for your public.

The article cited: Measurement and analytics are playing an enormous role in illustrating the value and return on investment of public relations today,” says Kathy Wilson, managing partner of Tier One Partners. “The old measurement standards (think advertising equivalency or mere clip counts) are long gone.”

Quick Tips:

  • Understand the time factor and respect it
  • Be proactive and keep up with your deadlines
  • If you not going to make a deadline inform your contact as soon as possible

Learn more about Three Tips To Help Maintain Trusted Resource Status

We all know that many companies have struggle with trust issues. However, losing trust may be really hard, or sometimes even impossible to gain back. Therefore, as a strategic communicator, you need to communicate well and effectively. Remember that trust is based on your transparency and fairness with your public.

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By Paulina Pytlak




PR Ethics 101: Are PR Practitioners More Ethical Today?


Public Relations practitioners for years are trying to overcome the bad reputation. Many times PR folks have to work between thin lines when it comes to loyalty to their client and public. I think that PR industry had a lot of time to learn on its mistakes, but are PR practitioners more ethical today or they just pretend to be?

According to PRSSA article Finding a Balance: Ethical Loyalty in Public Relations, working in PR while respecting both parties interest: clients and public, it may be very challenging. Disagreement between colleges and coworkers is very common especially when it comes to making decisions that involve ethics. Therefore, the decisions that are made won’t satisfy everyone, but what is the best way to go about it?

The PRSSA article talks abut few steps when making coming up with a compromising solution. First, start with research that will help to analyze project before coming up with solutions. Look into previous projects, solutions that had been made and recommendations and get a feel for a client and the company behavior.

Second, plan ahead and for many different scenarios. Make sure that everybody on your team understands the goals and things you are trying to achieve.

In addition, keep in mind that the planning you did at first and your strategy may change and shift along the way. Stay tuned with your client at all times, make sure you are on top of what is going with the company to avoid any possible crisis situations.

Lastly, use your common sense and your ethical judgment at all times. Sometimes the situation between you and your client becomes unstable, and you will be asked to work against ethics. Therefore, in a profession like PR you need to be aware of that keeping your reputation and loyalty is one of the most important things. It creates the mutual trust between the client, you and public, so sometimes you may lose a client, but in a long run you will keep your integrity.

Because making ethical decisions is not always so easy and obvious you should familiarize yourself with tools that may help you in hard times. Therefore, adapt new code of values that will guide you when making ethical decisions.

New Code of Values (Source: power point presentation)

  • Advocacy
  • Honesty
  • Expertise
  • Independence
  • Loyalty
  • Fairness


When thinking about non- consequentialism, certain actions are always going to be right or wrong, regardless of their consequences. Therefore, the ethic code is one of the examples of the deontology theory. Doing the right thing is the only ethical solution vs. doing something that will benefit you personally. Actions are considered to be moral because they are done of duty to be fair and honest only.

“Truth is what we are all about. Not hype. Not spin. But truth. If public relations is to retain its position as the credible source, we must not blur the line between information and propaganda, between advocacy and salesmanship(…)”- Thomas Harris, former president of Golin Global


By Paulina Pytalk




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How to Make Your Blog Posts More Engaging



There are millions of blog entries, and so many thoughtful opinions and advices worth reading. We are all writing blogs, but how many people appreciate and read out precious words? Today, I did some research to find out how to gain more readers and ultimately how to be a successful blogger.

According to PR in Your Pajamasthere are eight main steps we should take when trying to engage our audience to read about our ideas. The first step that is talked about in 8 Tips to Attract Your Readers with Engaging Blog Posts is to come up with an appealing first sentence.


Try to attract your reader and catch their attention at the beginning with something that will hook them and make them want to read more! You should be familiar with the hook idea and the importance of it after hearing multiple times your college teachers articulating about it.

PR in Your Pajamas suggest that you can use any of the following tactics to be more efficient with your first sentence, for example you should use:

  • Ask a question
  • Tell an appealing story
  • Use a quote
  • Start with captivating fact


After you will have a great start you should keep up with it and keep the reader engage as much as possible. Some of the things you should keep in mind are: to remember to not confuse your readers and stick to short and clear sentences. Keep your sentences clean and paragraphs short. Those will  look more attractive for a human eye, so take advantage of unlimited white space and give your reader a nice breather.


Everybody likes analogies because it’s easier for us to understand certain situation when we can personally relate to it. Therefore, try to tell a story in a familiar way to your audience. Find examples in pop culture, have fun and be creative with it. The more people can relate to your story, the more interested and involved they become.


8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content is another article that can help you become more successful blogger. The article talks about few ways to make your blog reader-friendly.

It encourages taking an advantage of the white space between paragraphs, use of multiple subheads and bullets lists. Those are only some of the ways that you can keep your post neat and tidy.


You should never skip this step! According to the 37 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2016, the research showed that found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. I think that adding few nice visuals can only do well for your reader engagement, so don’t be afraid to add multiple photographs or infographics that will explain your point of view even more effectively.

By Paulina Pytlak



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Is A Competitive PR Career The Right One For You?


Public Relations is known to be a competitive field that involves helping clients to maintain public image. The data shows that it may be hard for young people to get foot at the door and find their first entry-level job. Here are some things that you should know before you graduate in this competitive field.


First, according to the article What Is a Good Career for Competitive People?, competitive people are described “as a Type A personalities, thrive in careers that other personality types might shun.” Therefore, the type of career, which focus is on getting ahead, and always wanting more like sales, law or entrepreneurship. However, Public Relations is also one of the careers assigned to competitive personalities. The article said that “You must be competitive to win accounts, and you also must be competitive to outmaneuver critics who want to do your clients Harm.”

When you begin to think about if you are competitive enough, and if you always wanted to be fighting over different accounts, you may want to look at the data first. According to the article, Is a Public Relations Degree Right for Me?, which mostly focuses on the qualities of people who are good for PR field, but it also gives an overview about that PR is a growing field. The article says: “According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for PR specialists is expected to grow 23% through 2020—faster than average for all occupations.” The article also brings the fact that PR is competitive field, in which degree; you will need to be when wanting to move forward and have a better chance of finding the right job for you.

According to Public Relations Specialist, career information, the job outlook for next few years expects to increase the number of people, even faster than average occupations and there will be more people employed within PR field by 2018. However, the article says that also there will be more candidates than entry-level positions.

Therefore, if you want to book yourself a spot at the company you’d like to work for someday, you need to start thinking and acting about it now! Make sure you are going in the right direction by working in a field and getting practice in several internships, as well as working on your portfolio. You can also check out How to Work in Public Relations to make sure you have everything behind your bell when your time comes!

Good luck to all! I hope to see you soon in the (PRJ) field!

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By Paulina Pytlak



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Things You Should Know Before You Graduate With PR Degree


Are you about to graduate from strategic communications degree or public relations and you need to start looking for a ‘real’ job? Don’t panic just yet, but keep a closer attention to things you need to do before going to that interview, and things that you need to check off your skill list. Continue on reading and better your chances on landing the dream job!

According to the article 6 things young PR pros should know to land a job, you should first start on educating genuinely on what does the PR job entails. The article said, “For instance, working in PR is as much about listening as it is talking and communicating to the client’s audience—and that audience isn’t just the media (not everyone pays attention to the news).” Meaning that writing the press releases and going to events will be part of your job, but most important part is to never forger that you ultimate goal is to communicate. You are working for a client to help them figure the right message and the best way of communicates it with audience. The everyday tasks are not always as glamorous as they may seem in pop culture, or famous PR shows as Scandal or Veep.

Next step before graduation: perfect your pitch. Meaning that you want to have a little story to tell about yourself the certain agency or business should hire you, and why you are the best for that position. Also, it’s very important to spend some time working on your resume, portfolio and writing an excellent cover letter. For more tips about that check out A brief guide to writing exceptional cover letters.

You should start thinking ahead about where do you see yourself, exactly on what is the place you would like to work for. Don’t feel like you have to apply for every job at the market, but have an open eye on places that interest you and fit your personality. Some people may say that the best are corporate jobs, and others will say that they prefer to work for agency or nonprofit organization. See what you like, explore these options by taking advantage of internships available. Always try to stay true to yourself and network with the right people! Check your LinkedIn connections and see if you can connect with people working in a company you are interested in, or if not, then try to join same LinkedIn groups as them and try to get connected that way. Follow the business on their social media platforms, engage with them and start the conversation. Always do your research first, and you will never regret it!

Josh Cline, in What College Grads Should Do to Get PR Jobs, gives a few great tips to keep in mind when trying to get the first PR job. According to article, one of the most important things that future employer will pay attention is your past internships and job experience. If you didn’t get a chance to have an extensive experience after your internship, it’s not end of the world. Cline said that it’s good to take an initiative sometimes and make an offer to your employer to work for free, and this way get to prove of your knowledge and expertise! I know it may not be the ideal thing for you because you may feel that you are ready to work and make money after all this time you spent in college jobs. However, it may be a game changer because you will be working for your favorite place and if they like you, you will be the first one to get hired!

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 By Paulina Pytlak



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